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  Healthcare Equity Guidelines for the 116th Congress

PIE has joined a coalition of concerned social justice and civil rights organizations in supporting this letter to congress

PIE believes - Bridging the health equity gap must be prioritized at the highest level. The utilization of a holistic and inter-sectional approach which promotes social justice is essential to eliminating health disparities for diverse populations. This includes addressing the social determinants of health by creating environments that promote good health for all. 

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PIE Final Health Equity Guidelines Coalition Letter Nov 2019 (pdf)


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Partner With Us

Partner With Us

To Encourage Innovation and Community Development!

The Partnership for Innovation and Empowerment is a non-profit organization focused on empowering communities through innovative educational and business building activities.


Partner With Us

Partner With Us

Partner With Us

Need help reaching out to a community in need?  In order to be successful PIE needs Partners who share our vision of empowering disadvantaged communities through innovative ideas.


PARTNERSHIP – We work with forward thinking employers and community development organizations to promote social and economic inclusion in challenged communities.

INNOVATION – We are looking for new and innovative ways to bring job opportunity education and entrepreneurial support to individuals who are looking for alternatives to the ‘old way’ of doing things. 

EMPOWERMENT – When communities come together through innovative partnerships the result is individuals who see a path to empowerment through opportunity education.




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Partner With Us

Get Involved!

Donate your time or resources.  Through hard work and innovation we can empower communities everywhere!

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Our Team

Brady J. Buckner

Brady J. Buckner

Brady J. Buckner


    Co-founder and Director  - A 30-year veteran of the financial services industry, Mr. Buckner understands the urgent need for financial empowerment in disadvantaged communities today. He advocates for individuals craving opportunities to improve themselves and the health of their communities. He believes without access to innovative opportunities it is prohibitively difficult for individuals and communities to rise up and thrive.  


Brady J. Buckner

Brady J. Buckner


The Partnership for Empowerment & Innovation needs your help!  Contact us today to learn how your organization or company can help empower communities today!